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Vote Urban Farmer Best of Missoula 2022

There is one week left to vote for the Best of Missoula 2022. We are excited and honored to be recognized as one of the best Dispensary’s in Missoula. We’ve spent 5 years laying down Roots here as Urban Farmer and over a decade plus just as Joe + Kate and our other ventures. We’re truly a Missoula institution. 

We believe in Montana Farmers and the traditions we have crafted down here in the Bitterroot & Missoula Valleys. As more and more out of state companies come in to take control of the market, remember where your product comes from, whom it benefits and if that business has this community’s goals at heart. We certainly do. There’s a lot of companies masquerading as such, but there’s only a few doing it right for Missoula. 

Thank you and we hope we’ve earned your votes. 

Thank you, Missoula. 

You can vote every day by texting the code "420" to (406) 313-8955 or through the Missoulian's website at these links:

Medical Dispensary Link Here

Retail Dispensary Link Here

As always, we appreciate all of your support 🙏🙏

Come in, Say High, Be Local. #montanafarmers #creamteam #hometeam


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