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Urban Farmer: This Thing Of Ours

Urban Farmer has its roots deeply entrenched in the Montana community. Owners Joseph Caldwell and wife Kathryn Rohan-Smith are both 3rd generation Montanans. Born and raised, on both ends of the state. Our best friend and business partner Zachary Sanderson is a 4th generation Montanan with roots spread from Billings to Flathead. Zach and I (Joseph) have been friends for 25 years and have spent most of the past 20 years in Missoula, while my wife Kate is a native to the Valley. So this thing, this farm, is very much a family venture. With our greater family being that of Montana and its inhabitants.

Be Local. We find this to be the very core of our mission when it comes to providing cannabis to our family here in Montana. It comes not only as a blessing and a privilege, but a responsibility. It is important to keep Montana values in place when being entrusted with such a magical plant. This mantra is on display every day we go to work on the farm here in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley as well as every time you step into the store, to be helped by a Montana farmer. You can trust that we use resources from other local Montanans in every aspect of our operation. This ensures that what comes from Urban Farmer stays in the Big Sky, helping the people and economy as well as the overall health of our community. This is what keeps Montana special. Let's remember that as we see big outside corporations attempt to move in and extract the very value this beautiful plant has to offer us moving forward. 

We at Urban Farmer will always promise you that in supporting us, you are supporting real Montana farmers with generational legacies to uphold. In return, we will support our communities with all the blessings you have provided us as family. 

Come in, say high. Be local. After all, we are family.

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