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Urban Farmer's 4 Year Anniversary

Urban Farmer turns four this weekend! The moniker that is. This thing was built realistically over twenty + years by multiple people in one shape or form. Some good some bad. All relevant. Much love to that progression. We wish those the best, whether they are a part of this journey anymore or not. Circles tighten up over the years. Habit of the street(s).

Old adages like that can be limiting however, maybe that has set us back some. However, we are proud to say we have allowed some people in our circle that we are extremely proud of. Shoutouts to The “D” Squad: Dylan, Devan, Danny & Dan. The Alberton Crew. Few other cats, they know who they are. Lawyers, Guns & Money.

3 kids had a dream and I’m pretty proud to be where we are at. 4 years in, countless mistakes, multiple divorce threats, ( I kid, Kate, kinda) health scares and near financial ruin has made this thing of ours that much more important. The weed industry is not easy. Urban Farmer is a living embodiment to us. We stuck to the code. The methodology has worked.

Keep it simple can sound ironic at times. But it’s why we are here. You can count on us to continue to be that Craft Cannabis Boutique as we move into Recreational Cannabis. It’s a new era in Montana and we look forward to remaining true to our embattled history.

Thank you for all the support over the years Missoula!

This weekend will be fun. We have a lot of genetics we have been curating for the last part of this year. Tons of specials going on and will all be around so stop in even if it’s just to say high.

Also, check us out on the Instagram pages @creamteam_ufc and @tasty_waves_artisanal_hash as we “TRY” and get back a social media presence of some sorts. It has been an endless battle we have lost. At least with the name Urban Farmer. Please share, we could use the help spreading the word.

Check out those pages for the new strain lists.

And as always “Plug in and taste the buzz”

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