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New Urban Farmer Website Just Dropped

Urban Farmer is excited to announce our brand new website and interactive online cannabis menu. Urban Farmer has been growing and providing the highest quality boutique cannabis to our amazing patients around Missoula for years. As you might know, the Urban Farmer team has a unique style. Our dispensary is an expression of our combined personality from the amazing art to our game-changing menu and atmosphere you experience every time you walk into our dispensary. Our friends over at Planet-3 helped us create a one-of-a-kind web experience to match, and where we can finally truly showcase our unique menu of cannabis strains, edibles, and award-winning concentrates.

Our brand new online menu shows all of our in-stock cannabis strains, edibles, and concentrates in one place better than any other cannabis menu in Montana. Tap on the particular products (hover on desktop) to get unique information on the sedative vs energetic effects, cannabinoid percentages, and more. Interested in some of the details about a particular strain? Explore the genetics Urban Farmer offers to get in-depth information and photos of your favorite strains in the grow. 

As we get closer to the adult-use cannabis market here in Montana, we are excited to bring our variety of incredible cannabis to the rest of Missoula cannabis consumers without a medical marijuana card. Check us out, contact us with any questions, and see why we are the best dispensary in Missoula, now with a kick-ass new website.

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