Larry Faced


Ocimene, Terpinolene, Myrcene

Earthy, Turpentine, Hops

Larry Faced has a soapy lemon and lime like taste that coats the mouth in wonderful flavors. Very potent and relaxing Strain that is an easy to grow OG Kush hybrid.


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The Larry OG was one of the first “named” OG clones to come out of SoCal in the OG hype craze that started around 2006/7 when everyone started renaming or naming their s1 phenotypes of the now, and then, infamous, OG Kush. The “Larry” was one of the more unique phenotypes that I believe Wick650 first acquired when he also obtained the Hell’s Angel OG from some Orange County CA bikers. Not quite as lanky and spindly stemmed as the other OG’s with a dank soapy mouth coating flavor that made the Larry instantly popular in the new circles she made it to. It pairs perfectly with the Excellent after flavor of the Face Off and moves these phenotypes more in the stout branchy direction with a perfectly paired lime Kush soapy lemon funk that only the Larry could throw down to its Progeny.

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